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What our Customers are saying about us:

My experience with Big Mountain Builders and Marc Daniels has been very positive. From the initial design phase to final project completion Marc was thorough in explaining the building process. His business acumen, ethics, knowledge, and experience were evident throughout the process. I received specific details on each phase of the building project, pricing of materials and specific requests (with examples and options), product selection, and expected time frames. 

Marc was always respectful and answered my questions with explanations of how and why in each instance. His communication and listening skills did not stop with me, the homeowner; his excellent rapport within the building community and with his contractors is testament to his abilities as a successful manager and businessman. When not only his crew, but the insurance agent, banker, utility company crew, neighbors in my community, and Marc’s other clients all comment favorably and with respect, my own opinion was validated. 

Marc Daniels' attention to detail helped the project to come in under budget as Marc consistently assisted me with ways to minimize building costs but still achieve my goals. His integrity and commitment to quality are assets that I highly respect. 

Since moving into my new house, Marc has still been responsive to my questions. He keeps in contact with me to make sure I am satisfied with the final product. 

If I were to build another house, I would certainly and without a doubt seek Marc Daniels for that project.

Gretchen Henstorf         Whitefish, Montana


I engaged Big Mountain Builders on an extensive remodel at my Whitefish Lake house. Because I lived out of town, I relied heavily on Marc Daniels and his team to interpret, and execute high-end custom finishes and installations. His drive and attention to detail exceeded all expectation. I would highly recommend Big Mountain Builders for anyone demanding a true professional with the staff and capabilities to handle projects of any scope.

Stu Frederick          Del Mar, California


My wife and I spent quite a bit of time interviewing contractors in the Whitefish MT area to build our vacation home. Being 1000 miles from our project it was important to us that we find someone we felt could bring our dream to life through a primary mode of communication being email, text messages and phone calls. Marc Daniels not only provided us our dream home but did it far ahead of schedule, on budget and with an enjoyment we were not prepared to experience. The process of building a new home far away was enjoyable, rewarding and a piece of cake and we have to attribute a huge part of that to Marc. I would use him again and recommend him to any friend, family or acquaintance. Thank you Marc for your hard work and more importantly your treating our home as if it was yours from the day we broke ground until the fantastic day you handed us our keys.

Jason and Krissy Rattray          San Diego, California


 When contemplating building a new home, we toured the Parade of Homes in our area for 3 years to find a builder who exhibited the quality and expertise we were looking for. We always came to the same conclusion: the workmanship of our favorite homes had been built by Marc Daniels of Big Mountain Builders. Therefore, when we were actually ready to go ahead with our build, we contacted Marc. He immediately made us an appointment to meet with him and the architect Kevin Treece (highly recommended also) the following week. We continued to meet weekly with both Marc and Kevin to come up with a plan that featured everything that we were looking for in our new home.     Our experience over the next 6 months was truly an enjoyable and positive experience in working with Marc and his wonderful crew. The crew expressed their satisfaction in working for Marc, and the great results showed how much pride they took in their craft as well! A happy crew creates a happy house :) We were particularly pleased with Marc's priorities for staying on budget and keeping us on track with each phase of the build process. Time and again he took us to the various suppliers to review materials and products for selection, and patiently answered our questions. He was always available.     We couldn't be happier with our new home! We would definitely recommend Marc Daniels and Big Mountain Builders to anyone who is in the market for a new home!   

Rick and Linda Ryder    Kalispell, Montana


Marc Daniels of Big Mountain Builders was the Builder of our house in Whitefish Montana. We are very happy with the way our house turned out . The appearance and quality of the finished product exceeded our expectations.We would highly recommend Marc as the builder of your dream home. We found Marc to be very organized , a great communicator and very responsive to our questions and ideas. He is also very budget conscious, looking for ways to minimize building costs.We faced the unique challenge of building this house from 2,000 miles away. If it were not for Marc's reliability, honesty and communication skills this could have been a very stressful experience. As it turned out we wished we could have been here to watch the progress, however, Marc kept us apprised and we are very pleased with the result.  Our home is located in Whitefish Hills.    

Abe and Shelley McCoy    Dallas, Texas


We were in the process of shopping for a home to suit our family's needs last summer (2012) and could not find one that really felt like it fit our view of the home we wanted in Northwest Montana. Instead, we began to search for a piece of land, just toying with the idea of building what we envisioned. We began discussing the possibilities with Marc Daniels of Big Mountain Builders prior to purchasing land to get a sense of what the building process would be like: drafting plans, time-lines, expense, etc. Marc was very thorough in explaining the process and made us feel confident about building, so we bought the property and contracted Big Mountain Builders. With help from Marc and the draftsman he recommended, Kevin Treece, we designed a 3400 square foot, 4-bedroom and 41/2 bath home. The project was completed in eight months, actually one month ahead of schedule. Marc was very efficient and had complete control of the process, including his subs who were all great to work with and genuinely cared about the finished product. Additionally, it was important for us to stay on-budget and Marc was very budget conscious and worked hard to help us stay within our financial parameters. Overall, because of Marc's work style and ethic, there was minimal frustration and we were able to enjoy the process and be excited about our dream home coming to fruition. We highly recommend Big Mountain Builders and are happy to open our home topotential clients of his interested in viewing some of his work.        

Jamie and Christine Carbo     Iron Horse, Whitefish, Montana


Big Mountain Builders built our home a few years back. We were extremely happy with them.  Marc Daniels, the owner, is a no nonsense guy who's extremely honest, delivers high quality craftsmanship, is involved and the time frame and budget that he gives you will match at the end of the project.     I'm a real estate broker and have worked with several contractors selling different properties. He's the one we hired to build our personal residence and we've never regretted it. Great company, great service and attention to detail. I could go on and on.  

Susie and Loren Nancarrow    Rancho Santa Fe, CA    


 In life, a person is sometimes fortunate enough to meet an individual who is outstanding in their field or work, and even better, to get to work with them. I once had that experience with Marc Daniels, of Big Mountain Builders. Like my father and my uncles before me, I love building, and I once was privileged to work with Marc. Working with Marc was one of the best, if not the best building experience I ever had. Marc was an incredible asset; he literally brought everything to our project, reliability, incredible knowledge of construction methods and techniques, great subcontractor relations, depth of experience, honesty, common sense, excellent taste in aesthetics, professionalism, and even practicality. In short, all things necessary and valued in building construction. In our project, as in all projects, there were many hurdles to surmount. Marc handled each one easily and remained a pleasure to work with, always. He always had an answer to every problem, and it was always the correct one. I can unequivocally, and unreservedly, recommend him.  

Bill and Rosemary Wolanin    San Diego, CA


​My husband Bill and I have built four homes in the last 20 years and this was by far the best experience we've had.  We unequivocally recommend Marc for any Building project someone may have.  His professional knowledge and attention to details along with his communication skills are unsurpassed.  He employs top subcontractors who are all very helpful and a joy to work with.  Our beautiful new home was on time, on budget and outstanding quality.  Marc and his team built an amazing home that we will enjoy for years.  

 Marina and Bill Beirne    Whitefish, Montana


At the end of 2009 Jack and I decided to build a home in Whitefish, Montana.  Before selecting a builder we did our due diligence.   We interviewed three builders and contacted their references.  Marc Daniels with Big Mountain Builders was one of the contractors under consideration.   Other customers of Big Mountain Builders spoke very highly of his work and project management skills.  Based on our research and comfort level after meeting Marc we selected Big Mountain Builders and are very pleased with our decision.This was not our first building experience but it was by far our best!  Marc kept the project on budget and on time!  Marc's approach is very hands on and personal.  Iremember many times Marc would pick us up at our home and accompany us to suppliers assisting with the selection of various finishes.  He has great relationships with his subcontractors and frequently could be found at the building site.  It was not unusual to see Marc on site at the end of the day sweeping, removing snow or doing general clean up.Even after living in our home for 2 years, Marc is the person we go to with questions and his is always available and willing to help. On a personal note, Marc is a very pleasant person to be around.  He has a beautiful family and is a good community member.  He is warm and caring and never has a negative word to say about others.  Not only is Marc a qualified building professional but after our positive experience working together we also consider him a friend.Jack and I recommend Marc Daniels and Big Mountain Builders highly and without reservation.  

Marilyn Preston and Jack Bell    Whitefish, MT


 Construction began on my home in October of 2010 and I've never lookedback!  Marc was with me every step of the way offering advice, maintaining the construction time-line, reviewing costs, and answering thousands of questions.  He willingly took my phone calls after hours and on weekends, and genuinely seemed as excited about my home as I was.  He paid attention to every detail, ensured quality workmanship, and met budgetary guidelines.  When I closed on my home in March of 2011, the final cost was exactly what was budgeted originally.  I have never met anyone with as much integrity and commitment to quality as Marc and I would absolutely build another home with him without a single reservation.  My Montana Dream came true because of Marc and Big Mountain Builders.  

Karen Lee    Creston, MT


 Being from Canada and building a home in a country where you're not a resident nor a citizen was a major concern of ours after we decided to build our retirement home in Whitefish.  Marc quickly reassured us that he would look afterour interests and would ensure our satisfaction throughout the construction process.  Well, not only are we extremely pleased with the quality, timeliness and cost effectiveness of the work but we have become good friends!We have recommended Marc and Big Mountain Builders to many but the best compliment we could give is that if we had to do it over again, Big Mountain Builders would get the job!  

Bob and Peggy Christie    Lethbridge, AB


Both my husband Bob and I are Realtors and over the years have heard many horror stories about building a custom home.  In fact, I do not think we ever heard one story where they were completely satisfied or said they'd ever do it again.   At the time we decided to build, we lived out of state and would only be able make a couple trips during the building process which made us very nervous.  We had been dreaming of building in Whitefish for over 20 years and Marc made our dreams come true!Our communication with Marc was open, honest and we spoke often.  Along with his verbal updates, the daily pictures emailed to us, Marc made us feel like we werethere the whole way.  Construction commenced on January 3rd in one of the coldest, snowiest years in a long time and he still finished exactly on time and on budget!   Marc's subcontractors were all very professional and have become friends with many of them.  Our home was featured in the 2011 Parade of Homes tour and won several awards all due to Marc's eye for quality.Bob and I couldn't be happier and would use Big Mountain Builders to build again in a heartbeat!    

Bob and Tanya Sheldon    Whitefish, Montana


Marc Daniels and Big Mountain Builders made our building experience a joy!  Marc and his team are helpful, honest, thorough and hard working.  Starting from our lot selection, to the design, through grading and complete construction, he was with us the entire way.  Marc, along with his knowledgeable subcontractors, gave us straight forward, helpful, accurate input and advise.We visited our project several times per week and always left feeling pleased with the progress, pleased with hard work and pleased with the quality andcraftsmanship.  In addition, the work-site was always kept neat and safe.Marc was on time, on budget and built us an incredible estate.  We would highly recommend Big Mountain Builders.    

Tom and Penny Conover    Whitefish, Montana


​Marianne and I have built and remodeled other homes and professional offices in Montana so our search in building a new home was to connect with quality, honesty and an experienced builder.  We met and visited with a number of builders and we were fortunate enough to connect with Marc Daniels of Big Mountain Builders.  From the beginning, Marc was organized, detailed and had an excellent understanding of our vision, quality and our budget.  In addition to having great subcontractors of which all were very complimentary of working for him, Marc was great with his timely and straight forward communication with us.   We are also especially pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Kevin Treece of Residential Custom Designs who created an excellent design for our new home.  

Don and Marianne Hanson    Whitefish, Montana

Marc with Big Mountain Builders is both knowledgeable and professional.  He did an excellent job building my new home!  I have been in the development business for over 20 years and was impressed with Marc's command of his subcontractors and his attention to detail.  I would recommend Big Mountain Builders without hesitation.  

Gary Green    Whitefish, Montana

I have designed Many Homes for Big Mountain Builders!  Marc is truly a one of a kind Professional.  Honest, Dedicated, Creative, Budget Conscious, Detail oriented and Loves what he does... and it shows in his work!!I would highly recommend Marc and his team to any prospective Clients to build their Custom Home, Remodel, or Consult.His Construction Experience in our local area is of utmost importance in proper construction methods.  Our Climate and soils are very challenging, with many steep slopes and varying heating systems.  Marc has Experience in meeting these challenges and is able to take creative ideas and make them become a Beautiful Residence that his clients Love to live in!!  

Kevin Treece Kevin Treece Residential Design Inc

Marc Daniels is a high-end home builder that is very easy to work with especially when making changes and/or upgrades.  He is a "yes" man that finds solutions instead of road blocks.After working with Marc, I became very impressed with his commitment to the customer.   He has a very strong work ethic, is extremely caring on a personal level and prioritizes the customer's happiness, wants and desires.He is first a family man with traditional American values and etiquette with great vision and knowledge of state-of-the-art home building technology.On budget and on time - Extremely organized!! Can't say enough about Marc!  

Steve and Angie Peykoff    Iron Horse, Whitefish, Montana